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Firearm Forum Question: Test Firing the Springfield TRP 45 ACP with Bull Barrel Semi Automatic Handgun

Ask A Firearms Question:
Could you do a subject on the Newer Models of the Springfield Model 1911 Handgun and there capabilities.
Thank you Mr. Stiffy.

Presented by: The Firearms Guy
.... I had the opportunity to Test Fire the Springfield TRP 45acp with Bull Barrel, Semiautomatic Handgun.
Springfield was offering Gun Owners at my Indoor Range the chance to Test Fire this handgun.

The Springfield Model 1911 TRP from Springfield's Website:

Blog Administrator -
This is a variation to the standard Model 1911 in 45 ACP caliber. TRP means Tactical Response Pistol.
I elected to Test Fire this weapon myself and post it here.
I have included my opinion of this handgun after firing it, and a Youtube Video below on recommended upgrades.

Youtube Video: Recommended Upgrading the Springfield TRP ....

My TEST Firing of the Springfield Model 1911 TRP 45 ACP Handgun ....
I fired 10-Rounds at 35 Feet. Here is the Target at an Indoor Gun Range.
Targets, Ammo, and Handgun all furnished by Springfield.
My evaluation of the latest factory issued model was not good. I thought the hand grips were poorly designed. I also was not impressed with the shooting performance of the handgun. I think there are better handguns on the market that perform better.
The better choice for a Model 1911 would be a Colt.
Recommendation: Pass on this weapon, but if you all ready have one or are determined to purchase one make sure you do the upgrades shown in the video above.

I carried a Colt Model 1911A1 in Vietnam and really like it.
A picture of a similar 1970 Nam version shown below ....
My personal shoulder holder for the Colt Model 1911A1 in Vietnam ...
My personal double magazine holder for the Colt Model 1911A1 in Vietnam ...

I have a previous Topic Post, Dated May 16, 2014, Entitled: Disassemble, Reassemble, and Clean a the Model 1911 Handgun.
Here is the Link -

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  1. thnkxx 4 the information , i will stick with my Colt .

    1. For new Springfield issued handguns that's probably a good idea.

  2. sorry this wasn't posted a month ago .
    bought one of these TRP and not that happy with it .
    agree the grips really suck .
    but i will take your advice and do the upgrades to shown in the you tube video above .
    i really enjoy this site .
    best damn forum for firearms anywhere .
    i just got a new google blog myself and am following you .
    will be creating a twitter , pinterest . and facebook account .
    i will post your firearms forum links to facebook for you .

    1. The upgrades shown above should improve things, but one should not have to spend that kind of money to get what should all ready be included.

  3. The only thing Springfield has ever put out that is any good was the M1 30-06.

  4. The 19ll model or any variation is not for me, had a Colt, to damn hard to field strip and clean.

    1. The upgrades above should help with that.

  5. I just own a little cheap 9-shot 22 caliber revolver and 2 large ass dogs that eat people.

    1. My wife had one before upgrading to a Ruger SR 22.

  6. I own one of the older Springfield Armory Model 1911, no issues no problems they can keep this new crap.

    1. Ditto for me here to.
      The older ones are great the new ones are junk.

    2. Absolutely agree the quality is no longer there. The older model Springfield were a good firearm.

    3. The older Springfield Armory issued Model 1911's were excellent handguns.

  7. Keep these damn Springfield handguns.

    1. Now now now some people like them. remember everyone has there own choice.

  8. Running out of time, I need to get to this site more often.

    I am not a Model 1911 fan including any variation there of.

  9. I agree I shot one of these last week, way over priced and my shooting was worse than yours, and I have a Colt 1911 that is dead on accurate.

  10. People confuse the modern day Springfield with Springfield Armory, not the same, as reflected in the quality produced today.

  11. Doesn't look like its very accurate.


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