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Firearm Forum Question: Test Firing the H&K MP5A3, 9mm Full Auto Machine Pistol

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.... I had the opportunity to Test Fire the H&K MP5A3, 9mm, Full Auto Rifle using Two 20-Round Magazines.
Note - As of original service date (1966), there are over 100 variations of this assault rifle, called a machine pistol in Germany. The Firearm actually is considered a handheld machine gun (fully automatic weapon), and in the USA requires a civilian (private owner) to have a Tax Stamp and BATF approval.

Latest version of the 9mm H&K MP5 (from Heckler and Koch Website) ....
Other versions of the 9mm H&K MP5 ....
H&K MP5 Specification Sheets ....

Blog Administrator -
I elected to Test Fire this weapon myself and post it here.
Personally I have always wanted to own one, but the price is way out of my affordable range.
I got to Test Fire 40-rounds of 9mm FMJ in Full Auto Mode using two 20-Round Magazines.
I thought I would share my experience and opinions of this fine German made weapon.
I have included some background, Youtube Videos, and my Target I shot at the Indoor Gun Range.

Here is the MP5A3 Model I Test Fired ....

My own personal target firing 40 rounds of 9mm FMJ ammo.
The first 20-round magazine was on full auto at 35-Feet.
The second 20-round magazine was on full auto at 50-Feet.
The MP5 handles remarkable well, little recoil and vary accurate. I would recommend this weapon to anyone looking to purchase a full automatic weapon.

The military versions and full auto version for civilian ownership are all 9mm caliber. The full auto version sells for between $19,000.00 and $27,500.00, if you can find one.
In 1983 H&K made a semi auto version called the HK94, currently they sell for around $4,000.00
H&K now produces a 22 Caliber called GSG5 in semi-auto.
This firearm is often shown in a lot of Hollywood movies.
It has been used by many special ops and special forces around the world including the Navy Seals. 
About the MP5 ...
The MP5 Variants ...

Youtube Video: Firing the MP5 on Full Auto ...

Youtube Video: Firing the MP5 on Semi Auto, Full Auto, and with a Suppressor ...

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  1. Over from Pinterest, following the link, Wow of wow you lucky dog you.
    Sounds like you had a blast.
    Thanks for the thread, I enjoyed it.

    1. It was fun, but I have shot many full auto weapons before, just not this one.

  2. You will go through ammo like there is no tomorrow.

  3. Bet that cost a hell of lot to shoot in ammo alone.

    1. I know some people that fire off 600 to 1,000 rounds every time they take there full autos out.

  4. Replies
    1. Yep, made me want to run naked and howl at the full moon.

  5. I shot one of these some time back, nice weapon. Great informative post.

  6. There is a lot of SOG units around the world that swear by this weapon.

  7. Ah when you leave the military you realize what you leave behind - full auto weapons and plenty of ammo, neither you have to pay for.

  8. Ah bet you really had some fun moments while they lasted.

  9. looks like something everyone may need someday, referring back to your topic about ammo versus gold, unfortunately too rich for my blood

  10. All right some of my associates speak highly of these.

  11. I could really get into owning one of these.

  12. I have never used H&K before as I have always been a Ruger guy. In my firearms safety training school I have showed much interest in Ruger firearms. Thank you for sharing the review.

    MA Gun License

  13. Thank you for your interesting and informative blog. I have enjoyed reading it and appreciate the work you have put into it. Here is some relevant information for you to review .
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