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Firearm Forum Question: Airsoft versus Paintball versus Laser Tag

Ask A Firearms Question:
1) How come you never do anything on either Airsoft or Paintball? I would like to see your evaluation on which one is better.
Thank you Jason Nesbith.
Also requested by: John Manners; Ken Schmidt, Timothy Baldoon; Haik Buhami, and Leonard Richards.

2) Can you explain the Military's use of Laser Tag versus Paintball?
Thank you Larry Gunn.
Also requested by: Funky Foo Fighter, Pigeon Killer, and Grovin Daddy Bear.

Some Paintball Weapons and Accessories:
A popular sport by both Men and Women -
Typical Paintball Guns ...
Paintball Gun Parts ...
Paintball Gun Design Variations ...
Paintball Gun Accessories ...
Mask -
Vest -
Hopper -
Paintballs, various colors -
Paintball Target ...
Paintball Bruises -
Paintball Warning Sign -

Some Airsoft Weapons and Accessories: 
Typical Airsoft Guns, they virtually look like the real thing ...
Airsoft Gun Silencer ....
Airsoft Gun Accessories ....
Mask -
Vest -
Airsoft Gun Ammo (pellets) ....
Airsoft, BB, and Pellet Gun Target Box by Crosman  ....

Laser Tag:
Laser Tag can be defined into there basic categories ...
1) Professional use - Primarily by the Military.
2) Commercial Game use - Laser Tag centers where people come together and play at a store front located in a shopping center or mall.
3) Home use - Laser Tag equipment bought for home use. These can range from $30.00 to over $900.00.
Military Laser Tag -
Commercial Laser Tag -
Indoor Games ....
Advanced Outdoor Competition ....
Home Use Laser Tag -
Upscale Laser Tag set that sells for around $900.00 ....
Family Laser Tag set that sells for around $89.00 ....

Blog Administrator -
This Forum is about Firearms and I did not want to deviate onto other items such as Paintball, Airsoft, Laser Tag, Pellet and BB Guns, Archery, etc.
However, I have received several request do something on the subject of Airsoft versus Paintball; and on Paintball versus Laser Tag.

For the record, I do not do either Paintball or Airsoft weapons, and haven't done Laser Tag since my children were young. I have tried Paintball a few times. I understand the worldwide following of these sports.

Originally Paintball guns primarily all looked the same. They are now being offered in a variety of firearm copied styles such as assault rifles. Paintball weapons vary in price and quality. Paintball basically is what the name implies, it shoots a colored ball that splats like paint on impact. The paintball comes in different colors and often times is competitive by teams. Competition is clear on target acquisition and successful shot because the Paintball shows up upon impact.

Airsoft shoots a BB type pellet, and impact in competition is more of an honor system because you cannot always tell if someone has been shot. Airsoft weapons are realistic in appearance and come in every form possible from handguns to assault rifles. An Airsoft weapon when sold almost always comes with either a red or orange tip on the front of the barrel to disguise it from a real firearm.
Caution: Do not remove the colored tip at the end of barrel. People have been shot by police because once the colored tip is removed they look so much like a real firearm the police often cannot tell the difference.

To end on argument, both airsoft and paintball are used by various law enforcement and military around the world for training, some use both, it just depends on that particular groups choice. 

Airsoft - versus- Paintball, the Pros and Cons, History, Methodology:
Paintball was founded in 1976 in the United States. The concept of paintball was based on The Most Dangerous Game that came from Capture the Flag.
Airsoft was founded in late 1970′s in Japan. This was in direct response to firearm restriction laws imposed on the Japanese, which basically states that no civilian may own firearms. Needless to say, demands for firearms skyrocketed, but with the firearms ban, companies soon began making replicas of famous firearms. Most notably assault rifles.
Paintball - Although play style, rules, and safety regulations have changed very little since its founding, paintball markers themselves have gone though huge advancements in technology. They were originally very simple, with their propulsion being an internal gas reservoir with manual bolt action loading. This was then replaced with a pump action. The major leap came in external High Pressure Air rigs and automatic loading. Today, these are the standard among paintball markers.
Airsoft - Developed completely independently from paintball. However, Daisy Outdoor Products, an American company most known for their pellet guns, took Airsoft in its early stages to the USA, where it was slow to catch on in part due to the popularity of Paintball. However, Airsoft continued to thrive in Japan were Paintball was outlawed. The simple spring loaded mechanisms of early Airsoft guns were soon replaced by gearboxes. These gearbox mechanisms were driven by a motor to turn a series of gears and pull back a spring loaded piston, effectively creating an automatic Airsoft Gun. Today we have three leaders in the Airsoft industry; Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, and Marushin.
Rules and Regulations:
The general rules of Paintball and Airsoft are very similar. You get hit by a BB or Paintball, call yourself out, then return to restart, and continue the fight.
Paintball - Requires a full seal face mask. FPS (Feet per second, basically the speed) is generally limited to 280 FPS for recreational Paintball and 290 FPS for tournaments. Finally, Paintball markers are usually restricted to semi- automatic.
Airsoft - Doesn’t require a full seal face mask. Only full seal goggles. FPS limits are 400 for automatics and 500 for spring guns (a.k.a. sniper rifles).
Pain (getting hit with either Paintball or Airsoft):
While both activities deliver some pain, a major debate between Airsoft users and Paintball is about the level of pain. Paintballers usually claim that Paintball hurts more, because it is a larger ball. This is highly contentious due to the fact that full automatics are not allowed in Paintball but are in fact the norm with Airsoft.
Note: See pictures above of bruises sustained in both Paintball and Airsoft and decide for yourself.
One must understand that because Paintball is semi automatic, it is much harder to land successive shots on target. Less Paintballs on target equals less pain. Also, Paintballs splatter on their targets, dissipating some of its energy over a wider area, which means less pain.
Airsoft is a solid BB which means a smaller area is hit, unlike Paintball, where it can dissipate to a larger area. Also, the fact that fully automatics are allowed means a lot of BB’s can be landed on a target in a shorter amount of time.
Firing Cap - Paintball markers rarely exceed 20 shots per second. However, Airsoft guns can easily exceed 20 shots per second, and can go up to 60 with some custom tech work.
Trying to say that one hurts more than the other is absurd because it depends on where you get hit and how many times, and how much padding (layers of clothing) you have on, if any.
This is the part when Airsoft and Paintball really split. No matter how much anyone loves their sport, there is no denying that Airsoft is much more realistic.
Case and Point:
Super realistic Airsoft guns can be found as cheap as 300.00 dollars simulating every feature of an assault rifle, except for its ability to fire real bullets.
For Paintball guns to achieve a similar level of realism you are looking at all kinds of aftermarket parts and possibly some custom work.
Use as training:
There is a common misconception that the U.S. military uses Paintball Guns as a training tool. They use something called simulation. It’s basically a Paintball loaded into a live cartridge such as a 9mm round. This hurts way more than any normal Paintball or Airsoft marker. They do use paintballs but they do not use Paintball markers. They use modified M16 standard issue assault rifles. Paintball is used by the police but not to the extent of Airsoft. Airsoft is cheaper, more realistic, and that is the reason why law enforcement is getting away from Paintball and substituting Airsoft as training tools.
Paintball is still used in riot and crowd control situations. Most law enforcement use pepper spray for this application.
Airsoft weapons can operate on either electric (battery) or gas.
Paintball weapons operate on Carbon Dioxide (CO2), or Compressed Air and sometimes Nitrogen Gas.

=> So after interviewing people that I know and trust who do both Paintball and Airsoft, I have included a topic page, comments as always are welcome. Below is a Youtube Video whereby, Paintball versus Airsoft, is explained ....

Youtube Video #1: Target Practice with a Paintball Gun .... 

Youtube Video #2: Target Practice with a Paintball Gun .... 

Laser Tag is a team or individual sport where players attempt to score points by 'Tagging' their opponents generally with an infrared emitting beam. The laser sets off an alarm that beeps when you have been targeted successfully (killed). The advantage of Laser Tag is any age can play and it is painless.
Professional style Laser Tag Equipment is used by the military. It generally fits onto the weapon assigned to the individual soldier or marine. 
Youtube Video: Laser Tag Explained and Demonstrated ...

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  1. The Pros and Cons section of this Topic Post was extrapolated from several written articles on the Internet and compressed.

    I would like to thank all those who have shared their Youtube Videos shown in this Topic Post.

  2. Jason Nesbith here.
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    Thank you ever so much for the topic posted as I requested. Great job, well done.

    1. Thanks Jason, as I stated I don't control Google, I have sent them many a damn feedback on this issue with NO resolve.

      Glad my response to your request was helpful.

  3. bloody damn good job
    Haik Buhami

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  10. Very much appreciated. Well written thoroughly thought out lots of videos and photos to assist.
    But I still think Paintball hurts more.
    I do NOT do Gmail. I have a company email account but it cannot be used for personal use.
    Timothy Baldoon

    1. I understand and thanks for the request.

  11. A Brit here from Facebook , damn annoying this Google and their sign-in request .
    Followed your Facebook Page , yes it is still there , to this link .
    We play Airsoft and Laser Tag in the UK .
    Owning a weapon , especially a handgun is quite difficult , kind of reserved for the wealthy .
    Have a friend in Arizona , he has all kinds of weapons .
    Thinking of relocating there .
    Hate what England has become , all this catering to this damn useless bloody Muslims .
    Really enjoyed this thread .
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    Walter Sinclair here .

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  12. I was seriously thinking about Airsoft, but after reading and enjoying your posted topic review I have decided to go with Paintball.

    1. Whatever makes you happy.
      It really depends on what part of the world you live in that makes one more popular than the other.

  13. Fantastic job. I am a paintballer. There have been articles on paintball and airsoft comparisons but you have put them together in a simple explanation along with pictures and videos.
    Thank you.

    1. I appreciate that.
      And thank you for visiting The Firearms Forum Site (Ask A Firearms Question), please visit again soon.

  14. I did the Paintball thing for about 2 years until my son moved away, he took all the equipment with him. It was okay, kinda fun, but I am too damn old for that anymore. Anyway I prefer the real thing, as in, real weapons (firearms).
    The read was quite interesting and as always with any of your Topic Post I am never disappointed.

  15. It's been years since I have even thought of doing Laser Tag. Think I will round up the clan and do it this weekend. Great article post.

    Joke - Guys, remember to date women with small hands, it makes your junk look bigger.

  16. Firearms Guy I am like you no Laser Tag or Paintball in years, but they are fun. Never tried Airsoft.

  17. Keep these, in my opinion they give a false impression of combat and make you careless. Real weapons fire real bullets and even the smallest hit in non-vital areas can cause death or permanent injury.

    1. Agreed with your assessment for the most part.
      I have been shot twice.

  18. Ah laser tag the memories of playing with family before the kids all moved out.

    1. I did Laser Tag with my children as well everyone really enjoyed it.

  19. My independent run for Arizona Governor may be over for now, but my love of firearms is still thriving.

    I love Laser Tag, it's a great family sport. Remember to let the wife win one now and then.

    Paintball in my opinion has become expensive so I just haven't gone in several years.

    1. I voted for you.

      Goof advice about the wife.

      The price has gone up quite a bit but so has every damn thing.

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  21. My husband and I do Laser Tag about once per month. He does Paintball every Saturday.
    Great read as always.

  22. Sorry none of this is for me. I am a proven hunter, rancher, I hate those scum bag P.E.T.A. animal lovers and environmental nut jobs.
    Real Guns for Real Men.

    1. Can't argue with any of that.
      Thanks for your input.

  23. Big Whoop bunch of people running around playing war. Real war means death, try that sometime.

    1. I have and it's no fun and games.
      Wounded twice in action.

  24. Yes on occasion I do Paintball. I use to do Laser Tag as a family thing but no more.

    1. Yes, Laser Tag is a great family outing.

  25. I live in an area that owning a handgun is near impossible unless you buy it on the street, so much for the 2nd Amendment. I do play indoor Laser Tag and really enjoy it.

    Personal Note - soon as I can I am moving somewhere were owning a gun is still a right in this damn country.

    1. Come to Arizona we need al, the true Gun Owners we can get.

  26. Sorry none of this is for me.
    But it was an interesting thread to read.

    1. Glad you liked it, please visit again soon.
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  27. First a stop at Dunkin Donuts for Coffee and 2 Glazed Donuts, then onto a good game of Laser Tag with my buds.

  28. Oh the children like to play war ... immmm

    1. Getting zap by a Paintball hurts although not deadly.

  29. I have done all 3 but prefer the real thang !!

  30. i did laser tag for about 5 years .
    did paintball for about 3 years .
    novelty for both has worn off now .

  31. playing war and being in war are two entirely different things.

  32. Ah Laser Tag, I like to have a few beers and eat some beans before I go.

  33. I do Paintball every other weekend and it hurts when you get hit, I cover up now.

  34. Replies
    1. Yes, this is a good game for the family or a Dad's day out with the kids.

  35. I did enough real war I don't need to play at it.

    1. I can relate to that.
      Vietnam Vet here.
      Wounded twice.

  36. I am a dedicated Paintballer.
    I do paintball 2 or 3 times per month.
    Have a lot of money tied up into this sport, so much fun.

  37. Paintballer here, great post, very well done.

  38. I enjoy a good game of Laser Tag from time to time.
    Well written article.

  39. ah people like playing and watching war but the real think is so much different

  40. My husband and I plus our 3 kids do Laser Tag.

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