Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Firearm Forum Question: Ammo Recall for - Hornady, Remington, and BlackGun

Ask A Firearms Question:
Yes, More Ammo (ammunition) Recalls.
Brought to by : The Firearms Guy.

Note: I have combined several recent RECALLS from various manufacturers on one New Topic Post Page ...

First Recall Notice:
Hornady Recalls

Hornady Critical Duty 9mm Ammo
Latest Date of Recall - July 2014
Recall Notice Item # 90226, Lot #3141635

Hornady 30-06, 165 Grain, SST Hornady Superperformance Ammo 
Date of Recall - November 2010
Recall Notice Item # 81153, Lot #3101052

Hornady 30-30 Winchester, LEVERevolution Ammo 
Date of Recall - August 2006
Recall Notice Item # 82730, Lot #3060134

Second Recall Notice:
Remington Recall

Remington 22 Caliber Long Rifle Thunderbolt TB-22A Ammo 
Date of Recall - August 19, 2013
Recall Notice Lot #'s S22BB1237, S22BC1237

Third Recall Notice:
BlackGun Recall

BlackGun 556 (5.56) 62 Grain Ammo 
Date of Recall - October 11, 2013
Recall Notice Lot # 004

Blog Administrator -
YES, everyone there are more AMMO recalls and from various manufactures.
When are these idiots gonna get some quality control before someone gets killed?

Important Notice about Recalls: There is NO expiration Date on any Recall.
Many people stock up on Ammo and store it. Some people have ammo dating more than 20-years from Manufactured Date.

Make sure you check the Item and/or Lot Numbers on any ammo before using it.
The use of RECALLED Ammo can result in death or injury, and a damaged firearm.

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    Concerning AMMO ReCalls - There is NO expiration date on recalls for various reasons.
    If you own or purchased any Ammunition (Ammo) always check to see if there is a recall on that Item or Lot Number.

  2. unthinkable - if these malfunction inside your firearm you can die .
    where the hell is the quality control ?

  3. if the government is so worried about gun control - start getting these ammo manufacturers under quality control before someone gets killed.

  4. Can any of these putz nuggets spell .... MORON ?

  5. Duh , do they have Simpson cartoon family running these companies?

  6. I rate this blog with .... 5 Stars

  7. Truly a bunch of twits if I have ever seen one.

  8. They must have been doing the moon walk while making ammo.

  9. How long is the ammo consumer gonna tolerate this?

  10. I am not surprised and I am not shocked just damn disappointed in the wanton disregard for firearms users safety.

  11. Can the DOJ go after these clowns?

    Joke - I never drive faster in rush hour traffic than I can masturbate because I am usually doing them both at the same time.

  12. It just seems no one can be trusted to put out a reliable product anymore.

  13. My husband says they are all useless twits and low life jackasses.

  14. I am surprised by Hornady but I guess profit exceed quality anywhere nowadays.

  15. No surprises from me this is the norm for manufacturers in today's world.

  16. bet they don't give a damn either .

  17. I pretty much have shot all my Remington and have no intention on buying any in the future.

  18. I am sure every Liberal in America hopes a shooter dies from these defects, where the hell is Eric Holder on this?

  19. Is there anyone out there that does not have a recall?

  20. Bet they have all have a quality control dept that takes long naps.

  21. I gave up on Remington some time back.

  22. Let the stupid people not be permitted to breed.

  23. instead of putting this ammo in a box they should have shoved it up there butts because that's all its good for

  24. Thankfully we don't shoot any of these brands.


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