Thursday, July 3, 2014

From the Firearms Guy, Ask A Firearms Question: Happy 4th of July to All Americans, Especially our Veterans

This is The Firearms Guy wishing everyone a very Happy July 4th Weekend.
Please drive safely and remember to hug your kids.

Please remember our troops, they keep you safe and protect our freedom from those who wish to take it away. Our Veterans, past and present makes America safe and secure, don't forget them.

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  1. America, Home of the Brave but lately its become home of the illegals. Stop the flow of illegals into America, close the border, put troops there and secure it now. Deport any one illegally in the USA.

  2. God bless America and all those who have served.

  3. I was out of town, so am posting later.
    Hope everyone had a great July 4th.
    It is time to bring all our troops home and put them on the southern USA borders.
    It is way past time to impeach Obama now clearly the worst President in American history.

  4. born in China but proud to be an American

  5. The way both political parties fund and treat our Veterans is disgraceful. Only military veterans should be allowed to hold an office in Congress or be President.

  6. Death From Above is my message to America's Enemies. May our colors never run and our rein.

  7. 46 Trombones here.
    God bless America may she live forever.

  8. Important Notice to ALL Visitors from The Firearms Guy:
    Facebook Deactivated my FB Page on Saturday, July 19, 2014, no reason was given - I believe this Liberal Run Social Media Site is Anti-American; Dislikes Veterans; and is Anti-Gun Ownership. I suggest everyone reading this comment post cancel your Facebook Page now.

  9. america is no longer the home of the brave and free it is the home of low life illegal bottom feeding scum bags sucking up every tax dollar for generations to come

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments, hope everyone had a safe 4th of July.

  11. Missed this post, sorry, spend a lot of time with my boat fishing when we have good clear warm weather.
    Late happy one to all our VETS.

  12. Veterans have never received the respect by there own government that they justly deserve.

  13. I was in the Corps, so was my brother, father, and 3 uncles.
    Semper Fi
    Long may America's colors fly and we shine as a nation of Freedom.

  14. sorry i missed this posting
    but god bless our troops everywhere

  15. Late but I guess better late than never.
    May God always smile upon our Veterans.

  16. Mr. Firearms Guy,
    As I see you post on TWITTER - Live Free, Die Well - This has always been my motto.
    To all my fellow Veterans sorry I missed this but Happy Belated Best Wishes always.

  17. You should let me and boys interrogate those rag warms we get you real information so our boys in uniform had good intel.

    1. I havent done a good question and answer in a long time, let me get my portable electric drill charged up.

  18. So many have sacrificed so that morons can trample our freedoms into the ground.
    Semper Fi. May all of our Veterans past and present have a path to glory in the afterlife.

  19. Sorry I missed this. To all my fellow VETS keep calm, live well, be free, and piss on politicians.

  20. May all of America;s enemies both internal and external rot in the depths of HELL where they belong.

  21. Fuzzy Bear Says ...
    that these Islamic terrorist wont find attacking America as easy as they think;
    come to my town i will kick your turbine wearing ass.

  22. what the hell is wrong with this country don't they ever stop to think of the tragic loss before committing our brave troops to fight in some stupid far off war ?

  23. Right back at you, sorry I am late responding.


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