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Firearm Forum Question: Multiple Impact Bullet Technology

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I have heard that there is a new type of bullet that when fired separates into 3 parts making it more likely to hit the target and render a kill, I think you should share this new technology with your readers, and I would be most interested in their response and comments.
Thank you The da Vinci Killer.
From - Multiple Bullet Technology Website:

Blog Administrator -
Yes, this is a new ammunition produced and manufactured in Colorado, USA.
The concept is simple, once the bullet has been fired and leaves the end of the barrel it divides into 3 separate units attached by a cord. The ammo is currently only available in 12-Gauge 2 3/4-inch Shotgun Shells; and 45 ACP Handgun Ammo. The manufacturer has plans to make these in 9mm later on. The company has just begun production in January 2014. The ammunition is very expensive, and is intended for self-defense making a kill shot more likely for a less experienced shooter by separating into 3 parts when hitting the target. The ammo can be purchased online. I know someone that has ordered the ammo but it has not yet arrived, therefore, I can not render an opinion as to the claims made by the manufacturer. The Youtube video below may be more helpful. I would also be very interested in comments on this new style and type of ammo.
Visit Multiple Bullet Technology website at:

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  1. WOW,
    WTF that's something else, I love it.
    I can see these as a great home defense especially in low light situations and-or someone aging with less than good eyesight.
    Parts Unknown

  2. Your Site =
    One Fantastic BLOG

  3. Clem Kadiddlehopper present
    yes sir i need to get me some of that ammunition

    did you know that works out to $6.00 per round in American buckaroos?????

  4. i can say i am very interested but am holding off the premise the cost will come down as the company gets more known
    every regards,
    slick willy

  5. even a drunken monkey could hit its target with one of those rounds

  6. As the GERMANS would say this is a real + Fahrvergn├╝gen

  7. i hv 4 bxs of these m-22 and all mine are ok

  8. Thank you everyone for your comments, lets keep it going, this is a good discussion.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I dont see any value in the shotgun shell ammo but the 45 acp sounds tempting. I to am gonna wait to see if the prices come down any.

  11. O was gonna order some of the 45 ACP but then I got hold of myself, that cost of $6.00 per round is ridiculous.

  12. There is no damn way i would spend $6.00 per bullet on ammo. hell that's more than a 50 caliber round which averages $5.00 per.

  13. I agree with the reposter guy, the 45ACP yes but not needed with the shotgun since you can use buckshot to accomplish the same thing.

  14. I may buy a set of the 45ACP / but prefer waiting for the 9mm

  15. The hell with spending $6.00 per round, buy a shotgun with buckshot for home defense.

  16. I don't think so that is way way to much to pay for one round of ammunition.

    1. I agree my friend bought the 12 Gauge and the 45 ACP we have yet to test either.


  18. i thought that was why they invented sawed off shotguns

  19. I see this as a waste of money, learn to shoot and hit the damn target.

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