Friday, June 24, 2016

Firearm Forum Question: What's the Difference Between an Open and Closed Bolt

Ask A Firearms Question:
Can you please tell me what the difference is between a Closed and Open Bolt? 
Thank you Louis Lewis.

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Yes, the primary difference is whether the weapon is firing in a semi automatic mode (the person pulls the trigger each time to fire one round through the weapon), or the weapon is full auto (when the trigger is pulled and held the weapon continues to fire until empty).

Generally speaking an Open Bolt weapon such as a MAC10 or Uzi is a full auto weapon (fully automatic, i.e. Machine Gun).

The Closed Bolt weapon is generally a Semi Automatic.

The following two YouTube Videos demonstrate an Open Bolt Weapon Firing in Full Auto (Machine Gun).

YouTube Video: Demonstrating Open Bolt Machine Guns for Beginners -

YouTube Video: Firing the MK 46 Mod 1 Lightened SAW -

Commentary -
Although Full Auto Weapons (Machine Guns) may be fun to shoot, they are a waste of ammo.

==> My recommendation is -
Avoid owning full auto weapons.
If you plan on purchasing a full auto weapon do your homework. A Federal Tax Stamp and other provisions are required.
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  1. Great post as always.
    Since you have restarted posting to this site, I have started posting your Firearms Forum Site LINKS to my Facebook Page.
    I know Facebook blocked your page so I have taken up the charge.


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