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Firearm Forum Question: Alternative Method to Purchasing or Owning a NFA Weapon

Ask A Firearms Question:
It has come to my attention that a person does not have to purchase an NFA weapon from a Licensed FFL but can in fact build their own, is this true? I am considering building my own Suppressor.
Thank you Johnny Come Lately.

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Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Yes and No, depends on the weapon or device.
But to your specific question about Suppressors, at the moment, Yes, you can build your own but you will need the approval from the BATF/ATF first, and still pay the $200.00 Tax Stamp.
Be careful, you cannot build the suppressor or weapon first, then get approval, You must submit on ATF Form 1 a request to build the device. A simple sketch must be submitted. When approval is granted, you can then build the weapon or device according to your sketch, specifications, and parts list. When approved, you will receive a Federal Tax Stamp, that you sent a money order for $200.00 with Form 1 and your sketch.
Form 1 can be filed as an Individual, Gun Trust, LLC, or Corporation.
Here is the LINK to the ATF Form 1 online:

Form 1 also includes AOW, any other weapon.
Example: You modified a shotgun or rifle that the barrel and/or overall length is less than permitted. You can fill out a Form 1 and pay the $200.00 Tax Stamp.

Important: If the device does not work, you can not build another device without another submittal and an additional $200.00 for a new Tax Stamp. If you are NOT sure what you are doing, avoid this, at minimum contact the ATF and ask any questions before you start.

Very Important: It is illegal to own a Machine Gun or Machine Pistol (fully automatic weapon). These require a special FFL License and a Tax Stamp for each item.

Also, see this LINK about Suppressors -

Commentary -
If you have a question on an AOW, Suppressor, or any of the Forms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 do not hesitate to call the local ATF office for guidance.

==> My recommendation on Building a NEW Suppressor is -
to Avoid this, just buy a Manufactured Suppressor through a Licensed FFL in your area.
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