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Firearm Forum Question: What is a Reasonable Price for an Extra Ruger Cylinder

Ask A Firearms Question:
Can you give me some guidance on how much I should pay for an Extra Ruger Revolver Cylinder? 
Thank you Karl Zicon.

Answer :
Blog Administrator -
Always remember, the market drives the price, i.e. Economics 101, Law of Supply and Demand.

Saying that, Ruger Cowboy Single Action Revolver Cylinders are in two general categories, the original 3-Screw Version plus that next generation, and the current models which are mainly manufactured by third parties like Davidson and Lipsey.

If you can find an extra or replacement cylinder the Ruger Cowboy 22LR and 22 Magnum are the most commonly available and run about $125.00 on eBay. The 357 Magnum and 44 Magnum are going between $95.00 and $125.00. The 45 Long Colt (LC) is around $75.00. The 45 acp goes for around $125.00. The 41 Magnum and 44-40, which are rare can be upwards of $175.00. The later version 9mm and 30 Caliber are $125.00 to $200.00.
Special Note: Lately the 357 Magnum has been popular because these can be bored out to accept a 9mm and 44-40. See pictures of some Ruger cylinders below:
Ruger 22 LR (Long Rifle) Cylinder -
Ruger 357 Magnum Cylinder -
Ruger 45acp and 45 LC (Long Colt) Cylinders -
Ruger Factory Blackhawk Original 45acp Cylinder -

Bearcat and Bisley Ruger Cylinders often are engraved -

If you are shopping for an extra or replacement cylinder, be patient, and check eBay frequently to find what you want.

The double Action Ruger Cylinders (all calibers) are around $125.00, make sure these are complete with the ejector rod.
Parts of a Double Action Revolver -

The prices above do not include the old Ruger Black Powder Revolvers, or conversion cylinders which can still be purchased new for around $230.00.
Ruger 45 Long Colt Black Powder Cylinder -
Commentary -
The older Ruger cylinders are getting harder to find and more expensive. Double Action Revolver Cylinders are NOT interchangeable with Cowboy style Single Action Handgun Cylinders.

Disclaimer -
The prices above are a guideline based on current market at time of the post.

==> My recommendation is -
Make damn sure the Ruger cylinder you purchase is for your Ruger Revolver.
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    Grateful I am.
    Very Helpful, thank you.
    Karl Zicon

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    Sinclair Lewis

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