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Firearm Forum Question: Can a Shotgun Barrel Chamber Be Bored Out

Ask A Firearms Question:
Simply, can a shotgun chamber be bored out to accept a longer shotgun shell, i.e. from 2 3/4-Inch to 3 1/2-Inch Magnum? 
Thank you Chef Newberger.

Answer :
Blog Administrator -

See explanation below ...

Both Shotguns and Rifles are chambered in certain size and caliber ammo; or shotgun shells for a reason.
The pressure and blowback gases are extreme when a round goes off.
This is why the metal at the chamber (bore) is thicker than the metal at the end of barrel.

For more on Shotgun Pressure ...
Issued as a Guideline from GunDigest:
SAAMI has organized U.S. Gun Manufacturers to adhere to a set of standards for service pressure, and all modern models of guns made in the US are proofed or tested to make sure they withstand these pressures.
Service pressure is predicated on the diameter of the bore (its gauge) and the length of the chamber (in inches).
More information is available on GunDigest website at -

See pictures below ....

Commentary -
Some barrels are interchangeable but this is not the same as modifying an existing barrel. Also there are aftermarket barrels that may accommodate the shooters needs.

==> My recommendation is -
Do not modify a barrel by drilling out the bore size to accommodate a different size round or length of shell.
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  1. Thank u firearms guy for this valuable input and rapid response.
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