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Firearm Forum Question: Remington Rifle Recall - Updated

Ask A Firearms Question:
Is it true that Remington has a massive recall on their Hunting Rifles?
Also what's the difference between a Negligent Discharge and an Accidental Discharge?
Thank you The Sharpshooter.

Dated: December, 2014

Latest on Remington Rifle Recalls, pending approval by a Judge on a settlement of a massive lawsuit against Remington.
Tentatively Remington is considering a RECALL of all their Hunting Rifles in the following series from 1980 to Present...
Note some are insisting this go all the way back to 1946.
This would involve more than one style Trigger mechanism.
Model 700; Seven; Sportsman 78; 710; 715; 721; 722; 725; 770; 600; 660; 673; and XP 100 (Long Range Centerfire Pistol).
Public Notice of Pending Lawsuit issued by Remington December 6, 2014.
The Pending Recall by Remington is a Fix, Reimbursement, or Replacement action.

Under the terms of the Pending Lawsuit the following may apply ....
If the Rifle is newly purchased Remington will repair (retrofit) or replace the firearm.
If the Rifle is older it will be repaired (retrofitted) by Remington. This will be done at NO cost to the owner.
If parts are no longer available on any of the Model Numbers for various reasons, and cannot be repaired (retrofitted), Remington plans to issue a Voucher to those owners that can be used on other Remington Products. 
Some owners, like myself, have all ready fixed this issue on their Rifles by having new trigger mechanisms installed. Remington says they will reimburse owners for this cost.
This effects Rifles Made for the general public, law enforcement, and in some cases for the military.

What went wrong and why:
The original designer of the Trigger, Merle 'Mike' Walker began blowing the whistle on his own design in 1946 and wrote a memo to Remington which apparently was ignored.
The unique Trigger Mechanism was originally designed for the Model 721 just after World War 2 and was popular because of its smooth action and accuracy.
The problem is simple, the gun could be made to fire by switching off the 'Safety' which is exactly what happened to my Model 700 USMC Sniper Rifle. When I rereleased the safety the gun discharged rising up from a bench position and smacking me in the face.
If you own one of these Remington Rifles other than the Model 700 and contact Remington you may be told that you will have to wait until the Judge makes a final ruling.

==> I called Remington's Hotline listed below, today, December 30, 2014 and confirmed that there is NO settlement and the above is pending by a judge. The decision is forthcoming sometime in 2015.
Remington also informed me that the only Recall authorized at this time is on the Model 700 and Seven.
I ask if they would reimburse me for my two Model 700 Rifle retrofits I paid for and was told 'NO.'

Original Posted Topic below:
The Remington Standard Model 700
The Remington Model 700 Tactical


Blog Administrator -
For the First part of your question:
Yes this is true and it has been going on for sometime. Remington is undergoing a massive recall of all their Model 700 and Model Seven Series Rifles, all calibers, both right and left handed bolt action, all rifle stock types and configurations.
As for the second part of your question, what is the difference between an Accidental Discharge and Negligent Discharge, one is caused by the firearm the other by human error.
The Accidental Discharge is when an event occurs whereby the firearm discharges (fires) at a time not intended. Example: The firearm is in safe mode, the trigger is pulled, and the weapon discharges (manufacturing defect).
The Negligent Discharge is when a firearm discharges (fires) due to owner negligence or carelessness and at a time not intended. Example: The trigger has been modified or someone thinks the gun is empty.

What to do if you own a Remington Model 700 or Seven Series Rifle ....
Remington has provided a website whereby you can check the serial number (S/N) to see if your firearm is effected.
However, even if you are not on the recall list, to be safe I suggest you test the rifle. There are a couple ways this can be done. Important, always make sure the weapon is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before attempting these tests.
Test Methods: 1) The Drop Test Fire (also known as the slam test), note this should only be done on rifles with a recoil pad. See my homemade video below on how to test your Rifle using this method. 2) Trigger Pressure Test with Rifle in Safe Mode (safety on).

Steps for Self Test Method # 1: Drop Test Fire Your Rifle ....
Step 1 - Make sure your Rifle is empty (unchambered), NO rounds in the chamber or magazine)
Step 2 - Place the weapon in fire mode, cocked, and with the safety on.
Step 3 - Holding the rifle upright with one hand and approximately 12 inches off the floor, loosely let the rifle slide through your grip with the recoil pad hitting the floor, See Video. If the rifle discharges it has a safety issue, do not use the weapon, either take it to a gunsmith or return it to the manufacturer for repair.
Step 4 - Take the Rifle off safety and discharge the weapon.
Step 5 - Now place the weapon in fire mode again, with the safety off.
Step 6 - Repeat Step 3.

Steps for Self Test Method # 2: Trigger Pressure Test with Rifle in Safe Mode 
(safety on) ....
Step 1 - Make sure your Rifle is empty (unchambered), NO rounds in the chamber or magazine)
Step 2 - Cock the rifle to fire mode. Place the Safety on (in safe mode).
Step 3 - Pull on the trigger with pressure. If the rifle discharges it has a safety issue, do not use the weapon, either take it to a gunsmith or return it to the manufacturer for repair.
Step 4 - Once again, cock the rifle to fire mode.
Step 5 - Flip the Safety on and off several times, with the safety off, pull the trigger and discharge the rifle, now cock the rifle and put the safety back on, then release the safety. While doing this, if the rifle discharges at any time while in safe mode, it has a safety issue, do not use the weapon, either take it to a gunsmith or return it to the manufacturer for repair.

To determine if your Rifle is being recalled you will need the Serial Number.
The serial number on a Remington Rifle can be found where the barrel meets the Receiver, on the Left Side of the Rifle for a right handed bolt, opposite side for a left handed bolt, see picture below:
Also, according to Remington you can identify the Recall Rifles (any caliber) by the Trigger, see Photos below:
No Recall ...

You may contact Remington about your firearm to see if you are on the RECALL List by using one of two methods:

1) You can call Remington at:
800.243.9700 (Prompt #3 then Prompt #1)
Remington hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EDT.

2) You can simply enter your Serial Number (S/N) on Remington Firearms Recall Website, here is the LINK:

Remington releases Youtube Video in response to Model 700 Recall ...

Cause and Effect Youtube Video of the Remington Model 700 due to owner modification ...
Remington 700 Trigger - Creating a Negligent Discharge

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remington, like most firearm manufacturers will return the Rifle to you in factory specs (specifications). So if you have had any special work performed on the Rifle including 3rd party items such as having the stock painted, do not return it to Remington, take it to a qualified gunsmith for repair. Also remove any scope, or other attachment before returning the rifle to Remington.

Also see this related Topic Post at The Firearms Forum Site:
How to Clean the Remington Model 700 Rifle -

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  1. Once again I would like to thank those who made the Youtube Videos shown hear and are sharing their knowledge and story with everyone.
    As you can see I have made another homemade video included with this Topic Post.

    I expanded the Topic Post from just a Remington Rifle Recall to also include two simple test that you can perform on any rifle you own.

    Your COMMENTS are welcome and appreciated, please join this or any of the other many Firearm Forum Topics located on this site - Ask A Firearms Question, The Firearms Forum.
    Thank you,
    The Firearms Guy / Blog Administrator

  2. Over from Twitter, wow, great explanation, lots of detail. I just checked my 10 month old 7mm Remington it is not on the recall list, performed the 2 test you suggested, I am fine. Many thanks. Job well done, what many of us have come to expect from this Firearms Forum.

    1. Thank you very much your thoughts and comments are very appreciated. Please come visit again soon, and comment often.

  3. Please keep ALL comments on this forum to the subject matter.
    ALL comments are reviewed by me prior to public forum postings.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    The Firearms Guy, Blog Administrator

  4. Absolutely another fantastic forum discussion topic.
    I own a Remington and mine was on the RECALL list but I took mine to local gunsmith here in Arizona to have repaired.

    1. Thank you for your continued patronage and support of the Firearms Forum site (Ask A Firearms Question).

    2. My Remington 300 Win Mag was on the Recall list. I spent $1,150.00 for it from Remington then pump another $800.00 into the rifle. The rifle, a 300 Winchester Magnum, had an accidental discharge when I moved the safety from the safe position to the fire position, fortunately no one got killed, but I was injured from the recoil.

  5. I have an older Remington 30-06 and I shoot military surplus ammo and have had no issues.
    The bottom line now days is all manufacturers no matter what the product basically put out junk.

    1. I understand your position. I have a Remington 300 Win Mag, it was on the recall list but since I had it specially designed and painted Remington would not repair the rifle free so I had to take it to a gunsmith, the cost was $73.00.
      There should have never been an issue in the first place.

  6. I use an old German WW2 8mm Mauser, got rid of my Remington 7mm and 30-06 about 2 years ago. I also have an old M1 Garand 30-06. These 2 rifles are superior to anything made today. They may be heavier but they perform perfectly. I do not spend money on factory ammo, I just purchase military surplus and it works great. I can buy 1,000 rounds of 30-06 for about 50 cents per round.

    1. I have an old 8mm German made Mauser completely outfitted. It has never been fired by me. Thanks for reminding me I am going to get it out and test fire it hopefully early next week.

  7. More very good information from you sir, I shall make sure the family is well informed and that you get proper credit.

  8. Awesome site.
    Had a Remington Model 770 Whitetail in 270 Caliber. I did not enjoy the firearm at all. Sold it, and bought a Savage 30-06 which I love. Been hunting deer with it for over 8 years and every year I get a deer and fill that refrig up with fresh meat.

    1. The Savage is an excellent rifle, probably the best of the market for the price.

  9. This does not make me warm and fuzzy. WTF is going on with all these US manufacturers turning out garbage?

    1. They are being bought up by people like George Soros - total ant-gun nuts. Therefore, no quality control or care in the making of the firearm.

  10. I like Remington rifles. The Remington is the most widely-used centerfire rifles cartridge and it is favorite of most shooters. It consist of good feature which make it perfect to do shooting.

    1. Most of the older models are excellent, some not so much, the newer stuff is not. Buy a Savage.

  11. Paul Borrow here, Google would not let me sign-in with my hush mail acct.

    Letting you know that it's nice to see that some independent force like yourself is looking after gun owners and hunters.

    1. That comment is very much appreciated. Sorry about Google being so stubborn

  12. before this article i had considered a remington 30-06 but decided for cost reasons to go with the savage model 11 . after reading this post i am glad i made the decision for the savage.

    1. The Savage is the best rifle on the maker right now for the price. I own both a Remington and a Savage.

  13. Interesting.
    I personally prefer using power over distance thats why I have a Marlin 45-90 lever action rifle. I have shot bear and moose with it. One shot and a instant kill.

  14. Can't trust anyone anymore to build a good product.

    1. Ever so true. There seems to be little or no pride in craftsmanship in America anymore just profit.

  15. Fortunately my Remington was not on the recall list but I had it checked out by my gunsmith anyway.

  16. Remington has deteriorated to a piece of camel dung.

  17. Even after the lawsuits and recall, Remington, under George Soros still produces crap for a modern day hunting rifle.

    1. I agree ever so much.
      The last of America's pride in manufacturing is now gone as well.

      Close the U.S. Border, deport all the stinking illegals now!

    2. Soros is so damn entrenched in political favors no dares to touch him. This is why I now personally recommend the Savage line of hunting rifles over Remington.

  18. Is this RECALL still in progress ????????

    1. YES -

      IMPORTANT: Be advised on Firearms and Ammo ReCalls - There is NO expiration date on recalls for various reasons.
      If you own or purchased a Firearm or Ammo always check to see if there is a recall on that model or Lot Number.

  19. Good site, nice pattern, really clean and awesome post.

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  20. The media society eluded to, but has not said, ...does the problem not go back to the sixties?... Did the problem not get dumped on the current owner? (No excuse, just saying...).

    Is there anywhere you can find published the real problem with technical validation?

    I have a later model 700 sps. I found by discovery about the recall. It was never published in a place I would look and although a registered owner of this firearm since 2010... I was not aware of the recall. I am an engineer with many, many, many, years experience in quality control and failure analysis. I chose not to send my rifle to Remington. Just made sense to skip the useless steps... The trigger had an abundance of what I would classify as nail-polish on one adjustment screw. Some had already broken loose and was clinging to moving parts. The design seems ok. The action works flawlessly with a clean and well adjusted device. I was able to set at 3.5 lbs and consistently produce trip at that for 25 reps. I don't see the problem except that I would have liked to found a bit more pull-length on the trigger. That screw had red-lock on it. I didn’t want to put heat to it so... I know it is a short pull. All is good. Quality in production is what I believe has always been the issue. Many including children have died for the Remington company cost reductions.

    My response to that is, if you can nail down who really holds the scepter, (they may have no country), then torture, burn, and feed the ashes to the ones set to take their place.

    ...Then repeat...

    Yes... Eventually they will either get better at their deception or will die off.

    We are a complacent and ignorant people. We hand control of our lives to anyone that will give us some candy.

    I am an old man. I will not fix your problems. My OEM trigger works fine. If you want your purchases to be manufactured correctly, and you want to know they work properly from the box, stop buying defective products and learn about what you are buying before you fund their next campaign. I was not aware of the recall but I have no doubt in my ability to make anything work correctly or determine that I need a refund. I also publish the truth about what I find when it needs disclosure. The testing, the report writing, and the time used publishing this report on this blog are my contribution to Y’all… You’re welcome.

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    you sharing educational posts.

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  22. Remington hasn't made a good firearm since the 70's. I hunt with a M1 30-06 Garand Rifle. But If I were to buy a new hunting rifle it would be a Savage.

  23. I caution everyone to be very wary of any NEWS Media releases and hype about these Remington Rifle Recalls. Other than the original Topic Posted above that RECALLS the Model 700 and Seven Rifles, all others are pending in the courts.
    If you own one of these other Remington Rifles, keep watching the Remington Official Website for accurate Recall Data and Listings.

  24. Like I posted earlier I have a Winchester 30-30 Lever Action Rifle I use for hunting. After reading the Winchester problems and the Remington Recall issues, I am buying a new Savage Rifle.


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