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Firearm Forum Question: Test Firing, Review, and Field Stripping of the Ruger SR22 Pistol

Ask A Firearms Question:
Can you please do a complete Topic Subject Post on the Ruger SR22, 22LR Caliber Semi-Automatic Handgun?
Thank you HT Gunn. 
Also requested by: Just for Women, Asian Babes, Lance Alworth, Bad Barbie, and Ladies with Humor.

The Ruger SR22, 22LR Caliber Semi Auto Handgun, Factory Issue:

Manufacturer Specifications:
Manufacturer : Ruger, Prescott, AZ
Model: Ruger SR 22
New in Box, comes in plastic wrapping and exterior Cardboard white marked Ruger.
Sub-Compact Handgun
Note - NO Hard Ruger Plastic Case
Caliber - 22LR
2 Magazines, Capacity 10-Rounds Each
Black Matt Finish
1913 Style Standard Picatinny Rail
Oversized Trigger Guard
Action - Single or Double with Hammer
Left or Right Handed Magazine Release
Exposed Hammer
Adjustable Rear and Front Fixed Night Sights (3-Dot System)
Safety Lock
Black Cloth Soft Carrying Case
Designed to Shoot High Velocity and Standard Target (Plinking) Ammo.
Takes Solid Nose or Hollow Points
Can Dry Fire Weapon. Per Ruger Specs
Clearly Marked Safety
Polymer Frame
Factory Stainless Steel Barrel
Aluminum Slide
Front and Rear Cocking Serrations
Rubber Grip, 2 included for hand size
Barrel Length - 3.5 Inches, Flush with Handgun
Overall Length - 6.4 Inches
Approximate Weight (unloaded) - 17.5 Ounces
Height - 4.9 Inches
Width - 1.25 Inches
Magazine Extension built-in to mag
Easy to Load Magazine with pull down button for loading
Standard Rim Fire
Single Action Trigger Pull from Factory Specs - 8 to 11 Pounds
Double Action Trigger Pull from Factory Specs - 4 to 6 Pounds

My Ruger SR22 with Twin Tech Tactical Threaded Barrel and End Cap ....

Blog Administrator -
The Ruger SR22, a 22 Caliber Long Rifle Semi Automatic Handgun is one of the best to come onto the market in a long time.
This is my wife's personal carry firearm.
It is lightweight, extremely accurate, easy to use, will handle any type of 22 Long Rifle Ammo without jamming. See special comment below ...
This is an excellent choice for a women's personal carry firearm loaded with Hollow Point Ammo. Also, it is reasonably priced.

Important User Note: Many new firearms coming on the market today are composite lightweight alloys and polymer plastic materials. Many are also Mil Spec, whereby the tolerances on the firearms are tight.
The Ruger SR22 has gotten some bad press for misfiring but this is due to lack of lubrication, cleaning, and maintenance. These new designed firearms must be well lubricated, a draw back to having modern lightweight firearms. Clean the Ruger SR22 after use and keep it well lubricated. 

Youtube Video: Review of the Ruger SR22 and Ownership Familiarity ...
Note - I was going to do my own video, but this one covers most everything quite well ...

Youtube Video: Field Stripping and Cleaning the Ruger SR22, 22 Caliber Handgun ....

My Test Firing of the Ruger SR22 - 22LR Semi Auto Handgun:
I purchased my SR22 for $290.00.
The Target below shows the Ruger with the Original Barrel that came with the Firearm ...
Shots are at 25-Feet; Body Shots are at 35-Feet ....
The Bulldog holster has either a clip for the belt, or a belt loop. I use the belt loop for security ...
I Rate the Ruger SR22 as a ... BUY

My Target below shows the Ruger with an After Market Extended Threaded Barrel from
Twin Tech Tactical ....
Barrel with End Cap and Adapter including Tax and S&H was $170.00.
Note - I fired the SR22 with the end cap on the barrel ...
I Rate this After Market Barrel as a ... BUY
Head Shots are at 25-Feet; Body Shots are at 35-Feet.
Ammo used in Test ... American Eagle, 22 Caliber, LR, High Velocity, 40 Grain Solid.
No Jamming, No Misfires, No Issues ....
Note: Ammo was purchased from Wal-Mart ...

Youtube Video: Installing the Twin Tech Tactical Threaded Barrel with End Cap,
and Adpter for a Suppressor ....

Bulldog Tactical Holster that holds the SR22, it holds one extra magazine ....
I purchased this at Wal-Mart for $17.00 including tax ...
I Rate this Holster as a ... BUY

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  7. This is my type of preferred weapon. Up close and very personal.

  8. Just got one for my wife, she loves it.
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