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Firearm Forum Question: Sporting Arms Snake Charmer II Single Barrel 410 Shotgun

Ask A Firearms Question:
Have you ever fired the Sporting Arms Snake Charmer II Single Barrel 410 Shotgun, I just inherited one, or can you tell me something about it
Thank you Doug Forman.

Snake Charmer II Single Barrel 410 Shotgun by Sporting Arms:
This was the company's official address and home number.
Sporting Arms is out of business ...
Original Snake Charmer ....

The Snake Charmer II ....

My Snake Charmer II ....

Blog Administrator -
I own one of these, and this is my personal product review and comments.
The company is out of business.
Parts are hard to find.
There were several models to this firearm. The preferred Model to own is the Snake Charmer II.

Below is me shooting my Snake Charmer II with 410 Gauge, 2 1/2 Inch Shot Shells, #6.

I have also included two Youtube Videos below.

This short lightweight shotgun is perfect for carrying around in your truck or jeep and for walking in the desert or woods. It will kill snakes as advertised. It is also a great starter hunting shotgun for children because it has a short stock.
The downside is they are no longer made and if the shotgun needs repair you are probably out of luck.

I rate the Snake Charmer II as a .... BUY with what it was intended for only.

Youtube Video: Man shooting a Poisonous Copperhead Snake with his Snake Charmer 410 Gauge Shotgun ...

Youtube Video: Small Boy Firing The Snake Charmer 410 Single Barrel Shotgun at an Indoor Gun Range ....

This is me at the Indoor Gun Range using 410 Gauge, 2 1/2-Inch Shells,  #6 Shot ....

410 Gauge Ammo used at the Indoor Gun Range ....

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