Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Firearm Discussion Blog Forum

Welcome to my NEW Firearms Discussion Forum.
Submit a QUESTION for posting.

The question will be reviewed and if related to the subject matter, posted. Any subject on Firearms, Weapons, or Ammo may be submitted.

To submit a Question, email it to:
Ask A Firearms Question -

This will be an open forum for all to post comments.

Forum discussion comment rules:
1) Sorry, No Links. This prevents malware, unrelated subjects, etc. from becoming part of this forum.
2) No foul language.
3) You may use your Real Name, Initials, an Internet Moniker, or post as 'Anonymous'.
4) Be advised, any comment submitted and posted becomes public record and is a permanent post on this blog site.
5) No record of any comments submitted are kept after posting.
6) ALL comments submitted are posted at the sole discretion of the Blog Administrator.
Important - ALL comments are reviewed before posting.

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